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Our Healthcare Provider Kit is designed to enhance clinical practice through evidence-based tools, supplying the medical team with curated and validated information while also supporting a patient-centric and precision medicine approach to tick borne illness.

Per the study authors, the General Symptom Questionnaire-30 (GSQ-30) is a valid and reliable instrument to assess symptom burden among patients with acute and post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome.

The GSQ-30 is sensitive in the detection of change after treatment among patients with erythema migrans. It has been used in clinical and research settings to assess multi-system symptom burden and to monitor change over time.

The GSQ-30 may also prove useful in future precision medicine studies as a clinical measure to correlate with disease-relevant biomarkers.

The GSQ-30 is from The General Symptom Questionnaire-30 (GSQ-30): A Brief Measure of Multi-System Symptom Burden in Lyme Disease, 2019. Authors: Brian A. Fallon, Nevena Zubcevik, Clair Bennett, Shreya Doshi, Alison W. Rebman, Ronit Kishon, James R. Moeller, Nadlyne R. Octavien, and John N. Aucott

General Symptom Questionnaire-30 (GSQ-30)