Call for international data sharing from the clinical trenches in Ireland

0.25 CME. This module provides an overview of the tick borne illness epidemic in the UK and Ireland and the need for international data sharing and collaboration in the field of vector borne illness.


John Lambert, MD
Full Professor of Medicine and Infectious Diseases,
Mater Hospital and UCD, Dublin 


This module provides an overview of the tick-borne illness epidemic in the UK and Ireland and the need for international data sharing and collaboration in the field of vector-borne illness.

Learning objectives

  1. Discuss the vast array of tick-borne pathogens
  2. Describe the serious issue of prevalence of infected ticks in the UK and Ireland
  3. Discuss why better surveillance, data sharing and collaboration under the One Health model would be useful for the field at large.

This session, Call for international data sharing from the clinical trenches in Ireland, is approved for 0.25 enduring AAFP Prescribed credits.

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The AAFP has reviewed One Health Medical Education for a Changing Climate and deemed it acceptable for AAFP credit. Term of approval is from 01/02/2024 to 01/01/2025. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.


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