About the Curated Article Library

Invisible International’s curated article library is offered as a navigational aid through the literature on tick-borne diseases. Our goal is to highlight papers and topics that provide a broader view of the available evidence and to spotlight some papers that challenge conventional thinking.

Why is this necessary? Many sources that clinicians turn to, including review articles and guidelines, consider only a sliver of what is known and certain points of view are so often repeated that there is an echo-chamber quality to the information. Given the rapidly evolving nature of the evidence regarding these emerging infections, we think it is important for clinicians, researchers and policy makers to have access to other information and data points.

Our initial listings are heavily weighted towards papers detailing various basic science findings. We think knowledge of the pathogens and the pathophysiology they generate contributes to an understanding of clinical presentations and why highly efficacious therapeutic solutions aren’t always readily available.  Innovative clinicians may use this information to generate and test their own hypotheses regarding treatment.

On the opposite side of the information coin, we do not list poorly designed and executed trials; too much has already been made of their findings to afford them any space here. We will continue to expand the article library going forward.